DON PAPA SHERRY CASKS Limited Releas 45 %

699,00 DKK

Don Papa Sherry Casks has been stored for six months in four different types of sherry casks: Fino, Pedro Ximenez, Cream and Palo Cortado. Before the rum is filled in sherry casks, it has first spent four years on ex-bourbon barrels. It is a relatively dry rum with natural sweetness. The scent differs from the taste by offering fruity tutti-frutti aroma. You will find both fragrance and taste of nuts, overripe apple and citrus. The taste is natural and sweet, with a good alcoholic strength (45%) that harmonizes well with the flavor elements.

Sherry is made in Spain and is a popular wine type in line with port wine and Madeira. These wines are added neutral spirits after fermentation, which means that they contain more alcohol than ordinary wine. Back in history, one started by adding brandy to wines made for export, in order to prevent it from going bad on the long journey to England, which was previously the main market for export of sherry. Sherry therefore holds an alcohol content of between 14-20% and is available in both sweet and dry versions. A good sherry typically tastes of raisins, figs, nuts, apricots and caramel - flavoring elements that work well with rum.

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