Casa Valduga Sparkling Nature Sur Lie

199,00 DKK
The Casa Valduga Sur Lie is a sparkling wine in its most crude form, without dégorgement and consequently, without dosage post-degorgement of expedition liquor.
Because it does not go through this thinning, the autolysis of the yeasts occurs while the bottle remains closed. This is the great differential of this specimen, it continues aging for an indeterminate time and the decision to interrupt this process is unique and exclusive, which will decide the time of maturation of the drink, to appreciate it according to your preference.
Appearance: Straw yellow coloration with characteristic cloudy appearance.
Bouquet:Aroma of great complexity and elegance, with a balance between the notes of almonds, acquired during the 30 months of maturity, and notes of fresh tropical fruits.
Palate: Perfectly balanced. A very good balance between the freshness coming from the acidity and the creaminess. The finish of the mouth is very fine, revealing delicate nuances of almonds, coming from the evolution of the sparkling wine.


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