Grande Toque Marrenon

99,00 DKK

* NYHED * 70 % Vermentino og 30 % Grenache Blanc. Vinen er aromatisk og tør med en god fedme med friske citrus noter.  Rank og god krop.

The Grande Toque refers to the rich gastronomy of the chefs in their region. This wine comes from Marrenons altitude vinyards, inside a beautiful Luberon Natural Park, in the south of France. This magnificent preserved environment gives amineral white AOC Luberon, with a cocktail of tangerine flower of top of smoky undernotes, to be enjoyed chilled, with all your southern France meals (olive oil, garlic, goat cheeses, fish, soup, oysters and snails.

The wine Grande Toque is a White wine produced in the Vallée du Rhône region in France, by Marrenon. This 2021 vintage comes from the Luberon appellation. Its ideal tasting temperature is 8°. 

En kasse indeholder 6 flasker. 75 cl. 13 % Alkohol.



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