Château Latour Martillac Pessac Léognan Grand Cru Classé 2018

399,00 DKK

Simpelthen noget af det bedste hvide Bordeaux vi har smagt - og heldigvis er både vores kunder og Robert Parker enige i at det smager fremragende. Vinen er "klar til at drikkes nu" men kan uden problemer gemmes i mange år endnu. Anbefales at nydes inden 2027.

This wine is intense and expressive on the nose. A wide palette of aromas starting with notes of lemon, apricots, white peaches and verbena. The oak is finely integrated. The density and volume are backed by a crisp acidity. The finish is complex and fresh. 50% Sauvignon Blanc - 50% Sémillon. Service temperature above 10°C / 50°F for young wines. Between 12°C / 53°F and 14°C / 57°F, after 4-5 years of aging.

Following a dry winter, this vintage was hit by late frosts on the 27th, 28th and 29th of April which badly affected our vines, notably the white grape varieties. The parcels, which escaped the frost started a very early cycle of vegetation, leading up to a quick and uniform flowering. The month of June was hot and sunny. Fortunately, the temperate climate of July and August allowed the acidity and the freshness of the fruit to be preserved. “The veraison” was as equally early around mid-July. The harvest started on the 21st of August for the whites (one of the earliest harvests to date!) and finished mid-September with the grapes reaching optimum ripeness. Before the harvest, in the partially frost hit parcels, considerable work was undertaken to identify the unaffected vines and to select which first generation, non-frost damaged bunches to pick.




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